Sunflowers Chapter 1

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Sunflowers Chapter 1

…. .>> …. .>>. ….>>>> …. ---{{{{}}}}}____

                                  ? means question ! answer                              

                                  what do you type? she asks from the   corner, a

section of wall with
                                a square shape left, an imprint between scorch-marks

where did you learn to


                                                                     she has Grey hair
                                                                     falling in strings
                                                                     around her dark face

                                                                  I say nothing she says                                                                     I type everything
                                                                      I want to remember

                                                                                   I have never seen someone
so old



. .



. .,omsicc nwn

……… ..>>>>>>>>>>>

>>SEEDS>                                                                                ….. ….. …… ….

                                                                                                      ….. …….. ….


                                                                                       …….[sands]…/ \……..

G n
        o so   phy
sio     log

# gnosophysiology

                                                                   I will rise and walk with the sun on my head.
                                                                           Will you walk with me, will you follow the dead?

                                                          I will rise     I will r


I’ve got a pocketful of emptiness for you, my dear … um …

                                                                                       She doesn’t understand you, Rana.

She might
I’ve got a heart like a loaf was baked yesteryear
I wish I had the usb … wait, I know …

She took my hand in hers. I stared down at the eerie smoothness spread over her knuckles, the pale brown beneath her glossy fingernails. Mine are cracked and yellow. They scrubbed and disinfected me until my skin was a patchwork of orange and purple, covered in red scabs. When I look at it I know that I’m not in my body anymore.

Her skin is dark and her face glows.

….====“I’ve a mind like ashes split a week ago
I’ve a hand like a rusty, cracked corkscrew

------------It’s a dim room where I lay on a flat surface surrounded by voices or the sounds of breathing for endless stretches of time. There are five people here. Four of them found me and the other one sticks me with needles and forces me to eat.

I stared back into Rana’s eyes, gentle and crinkling at the corners. I felt a pressure rising in my chest, pressing up the back of my throat. I pulled my hand away.

.. .

…. .

……S ….O ….r .>.yR” she told me, and s t e p p ed back

I rolled around and stared at the black ceiling.


Forest Man of
India – Nina said., In Dia.   ……. Jadav Payeng)

                               he saw
a thousand snakes dying on
the coast and it
                  broke his heart so he
                     planted a forest for them
all on his own

for three decades
                                   she said – 30 years

it can’t have
been that easy or
we wouldn’t be here

                                It was and it wasn;t

if you were there
You’’d know.

                                                 what was April like?

I rolled over and
looked at her she was
                          watching me from her corner of
the room. She

                                    an old mining town

                                    surrounded by the ocean

why do you bother
s h e c       a      n’      t             under

stand you

                                              in April
the waters rose fast
                                              heated up at midday, and then evaporated

into this thick fog that engulfed the whole town and
turned into rain

by nightfall

                    then she worked in archiving and I can’t imagine, Rana says, having to                                                                 make those calls
                                                    but she saved so much knowledge only

                                                                                     she wasn’t meant to keep
the poems

There’s fabric over the windows, patterned with tiny lumps woven inside the fabric. It sucks the air in, drawing itself into the room in a curve, and then whooshes back out again. Sometimes I sit up and stretch out my hand from the bed to get a piece of that strong rush of air. It’s the only part of the room that can make you damp with sweat or shivering with cold. Everywhere else it’s just the samesamesame and my body is a relentless reminder of difference.

They come in groups of white
strange bodies
fabric skin

bringing us food
I can’t eat it burns
me I spit it out

she says shh, shh
you have to eat

and rubs my back
cutting food into tiny pieces
feeding it into her mouth – you’re

like a mother bird, its
disgusting you shouldn’t
touch her

she ignores them

This is the last city
that we know of , she says

they’ll want to know where            yo  u ca               me f           ro       m

my mother brought me here on the last evac train

I grew up on this level

she says they burnt the first floor when she was eight
when the vines and shrubs around the base of the building
began to die as the soil turned grey and grew
new unrecognisable unusable toxic w e e d s

she says this place is m|o

,,, .,.,.,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,MonSEmbbbbbbable,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,………..

   I cro

                                                      s_can you flourish on nothing and find it good?
can you make petrification do for food?

                                                                                                                 how do you grow like this?

                                                                     I can’t tell
                                                                                what she’s thinking, but she
always seems wary

                                                                                        the old woman
                           in the corner says
                                                                                            you’ve given them

                                                                          a new kind of

so you should be careful