well the ants
under my fingernails

and the ants that feed the water
coming down in a wave of waves

they know the last time
I held my breath in my sleep
I'd gone to bed so tired that I
left my head screwed on

(ive been eating trash ive gained
So Much weight ...)

Skeleton, muscular, tissue and bone . No one
likes me they think they need me for something
or know that they don't

she said this card is the devil;
see the funny side of things, you're free
it's all belief

I went to the cafe without my cane, very
tired, sad, stressed
tomorow I will not care

yesterday I managed to be happy
with some paints and part of
an old cardboard box

today is bad. finished lola's hands. sat
down on the balcony and
ugly-cried. with ants in my
teeth and
on my