emotional recovery for my closest friends:
sometimes rain, sometimes you say you think about it
less or more than I always did.

rock lollies and a 20min road trip
from town to country nougat
melting into sticky clumps
in the backseat

she says who likes that no-one
you're pretending

he says the way you're holding your bag,
it's very feminine. Walk the line right.
I'm pleased are you

I'm sorry you didn't hit me back
most of my memory is fiction, I hope.

I feel sick thinking back
you're pretending, what do you like?
to be a body, taken as a body, touched as
a body, start apathetic and then grow to hate it
like a forgotten heroine
you beat the revolution,
you started

indents in the apple show
shark-teeth, jagged, pretty
neither one of us had braces
we both have dimples

I'd like to be understandable next time,
can I be understood?