The Regional Train

The Regional Train

tomorrow I will

catch the regional train
all the way to far away
and I'll recreate something

like falling asleep beside a pool
watching lizards in the dark
or feeling sun soaked and
rained on every night

sometimes I will walk to
the movies sometimes
I will make bread

and most days I won't
worry about money or success

I'll have friends who I like
but don't need so much
like losing them would
rip off ten layers of skin

I'll have a therapist who
tells me it's okay
to be detached

and you don't always
have to try your best

I'll live submerged in arctic waters
I'll do whatever I want and
I won't cry in public bathrooms
I'll be a cockatoo, eating up
the side of a house

holding myself together
with feathers and cotton wool