Communing with Nature: part two

Communing with Nature: part two

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Part 2

sneaking out

Sneaking Out

Dobby runs up the stairs
when he hears me leave the laundry room

we take the path down
past the big houses

and sit on the shore where the water
is black and the sky is
and sparkling

everything is beautiful
and cohesive

swimming 1


I loved it so much island girl in the water despite the cold you're crazy but it feels better cold sometimes like I don't know maybe my soul is coming back into my body maybe I could be absorbedintop the water and just. just. get out, or, I don't know, live.

perhaps but maybe I can breathe now like I can't on land like suddenly I am different down underwater with dust storms of sand and kelp like maybe the water isn't green or blue it's a just a whole entire mystery I can float in like when I was little and I told you I think the world is a rock pool because when you look inside it's like its own little universe and maybe if I breathe slowly the clouds will look like people peering in and I will be small.

barnacles and beachcombing


falling in love? like
diving into cold water
hands stained with blackberries

crawling into rocky caves
and poking the red blobs

my mother says
she knows she loves someone
when she's afraid of losing them

falling in love at an angle:

I'm not sure exactly how
that affects me
but I know that it does


we memorised eighty species
of marine life

looked for samples
up and down
Taroona Beach

apple isle and amelia

Apple Isle

we stood on Kingston Beach

waist deep in water little
glowing lights floating with
our movements watching

on the Eastern Shore


there's a photo of us
in your garden

I like it because I'm
running away from the camera

so it looks natural
just like now I'm

lounging in this armchair
talking to you
like I never left



we walked up the track
to the water tower

on our way a
sudden encounter with nature

in broad daylight - a kangaroo!

chased quickly by
a large dog