Four Poems

Four Poems


Tough luck on the‌‌
big break - where your‌‌
legs move strangely
‌‌and you can’t quite walk
‌‌like you used to but

Shuffling up this big hill‌‌
like Sisyphus isn’t
‌‌so bad now

you’ve got a job
‌‌and you don’t need to skip meals
‌‌so much, sometimes you can‌‌
order take out


I took the sleeping pills‌‌
I found a urine sample

in the bathroom‌
‌I don't know who's it is

‌‌I tell myself

I'm not required‌‌
To think of you just yet


terrible places terrible things
I don't need wings to fly about
I don't need fins to swim

I hear the simple breath of
new emotions signaling
time is no longer a necessity

my body no longer a cage

can you feel your teeth
and your fingernails grow?

stretching in the dark from
the days of gnawing, quiet
simple life, simple alone


let's talk about


but they get so much
bigger when you
wash them

physics, or something

how about you
fry them and I'll
wash up?